Services & Programs

Leamogetswe seeks to address these needs through the provision of a range of services, which are grouped into the following programmes:


This programme offers accommodation and cares for children and young people (under 19yrs) and women (mainly young mothers) living in abusive situations and provides them with the skills, confidence and ability to take part in the community. Currently the home accommodates 50 children and 49 of this children are subsidised by the Department of Social Services and the remaining 1 is seen to be help by the means of donations.

Leamogetswe has a specific approach to these two service user groups: Homeless children and young people - aims to reconcile children with their families (where appropriate) within a short period. Where this is unsuccessful or inappropriate, other options are pursued. The options include foster care, adoption and referrals to other services. Accommodation may become long term if suitable arrangements are not feasible. However, ideally clients are supposed to stay for up to six months. Children below seven years old attend a crèche within the project while those above seven years are linked with local primary schools to ensure that their educational needs are met. This is done with assistance from the Department of Education and in close collaboration with school principals. Women living in abusive situations - provides trauma counselling and mediation between women and their partners (where appropriate) in hope that they reconcile. Women are then referred to shelters that accommodate them for up to 3 months, during which time their cases are resolved or alternative support systems are sought. Many of these clients come along with their children, who are also catered for by the programme. In addition to the above residential service users, the programme also caters for needy children from the local community through a feeding scheme. About 50 needy children are offered meals on a daily basis. These children are identified through their teachers and the cases are confirmed through outreach and home visits. This programme forms the core of Leamogetswe's work.

Food Gardening

It aims to produce enough garden fruit and vegetables for the project to be self-reliant, i.e. to supply the feeding programme. It also contributes to the provision of a healthy and well balanced diet.

By the end of each year this programme produce enough food to be used to feed children.

Children and Staff are involved in the project so that they may learn sustainable food gardening methods. The marketing of produce will develop business skills among the older service users and staff, which will be involved in planning and retail management of the programme. This could also open up opportunities for vocational training.

Pre-School / Day Care

This programme aims to ensure that residents below 7 years old are stimulated and engaged through child- care development. It also ensures that they are part of the local community by accessing these services to the community. The programme has one qualified pre-school worker. The older service users are encouraged to take part in the programme. This ensures that skill transfer takes place between the qualified staff and service users. Service users are able to understand the importance of childcare and development. This year of 2010 already the pre-school has registered 13 children from the community and 7 from the home which entails that the community at large is core to the organization every day running. The pre-school is runned by 3 volunteers who rely on the fees of the children to do much of their work.

After School Activities

This programme aims to ensure that residents are fully included in the local community by offering a range of activities accessible to all 8 - 19 year olds from Atteridgeville and Saulsville. The programme is designed to identify individual skills and abilities, improve self-confidence and foster a sense of citizenship.

This programme is developed to offer a wide range of activities, in consultation with the children and young people involved. Currently, we have a youth group involved in drama, cultural dance, discussions and debates. Others are involved in playing soccer; we have two girl's teams and three boys' teams. Older service users will be encouraged to get involved in this programme so that they have an understanding of the role of youth work in community development and to develop relevant vocational skills - e.g. sports leadership.

This year of world cup the children have also started to do their 2010 dance which we believe to share it with the nation and fellow tourist.

Self-Help Projects for Women

This is a new programme. Its aims are:

  1. Provide work experience for women; to give them a chance to earn their keep, raise self-esteem and update their job skills; and to produce an income for the shelter.
  2. Empower marginalised women to achieve economic independence through acquisition of skills for gainful employment. Planned activities include sewing, baking and confectionery, brick and baby napkins making.

The programme needs funds to be able to address the identified.

Staff / Volunteer Development

Most staff at Leamogetswe do not have formal training for the tasks they perform. For this reason, Leamogetswe Safety Home has embarked on both formal training and skill transfer among qualified and unqualified staff. The programme is aimed at building up a professional and motivated team. It also aims at enhancing staff retentions.

Community Outreach Programme

This programme entails carrying out community awareness and education on gender, human rights issues. South Africa is notorious in child and women abuse. In recent times there have been numerous cases of child rape for children as young as a few months old. The perpetrators of these acts lurk within the community. This vice cannot be eradicated without empowering the community to take action and say NO! To any more abuse.