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To render residential care to all children in need of care as described in terms of section 14.4. of the Child Care Act (of The Republic of South Africa) No 74 of 1983.

  • Ensure that communities are mobilized for the purpose of promoting children's rights, education and social development.
  • seeking to ensure that all children have access to education, healthcare and food and are active members of their communities, render services to orphaned and vulnerable children especially those in need of care.
  • Empowering families to support their children by educating them about health issues, access to state services and life skills to contribute to their well-being.

Background History

LEAMOGETSWE was founded in 1994 by a dedicated woman who has passion for children and abused women influenced by her own historical background. Ms Matlakala Makhubela started this organization on her own without any financial assistance but donations from donations from individuals and well wishers including Spoornet which donated containers that she used to accommodate the abused women and children.

This was after she was taking initiative to give them food, clothing, comfort, and care within the streets of Pretoria. She continued her humbleness to care and accommodate children and abused women for years until the Department of Social services intervened in 2002 to register the organization legally.

She was taking care of 32 children and 12 abused women which others were placed in her own home and containers with a meager income she was earning from her part time jobs.

The fact that she managed to take care of orphaned and vulnerable children for seven years without any financial assistance from anybody indicated the love and care she has for abandoned, abused homeless children whom most of the people don't want to involve themselves in.